Fanclub Rules #2(Reguarding Club Members and Fans)

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Fanclub Rules #2(Reguarding Club Members and Fans)

Post by KhaosKnight on Thu Aug 14, 2008 5:24 pm

Yes there is a difference between the two. I noticed that particular thing when i saw everyone asking to be appart of a fan club but after that, what is the point of the thread? It is just full or requests and ~adds~ messages. Well i got the idea to separate the club members to "Members" and "Fans". This rule only effects fan clubs that require a stipulation to join such as the Admins fan club and the Hundo fan club. But clubs like Seths club can only have fans.

The Format of the Admins Club should be like this:

"Staff Administration"

"Random Members Who Like the Admins"

And i would also like to state that please dont join a Fan Club if you will no post there regularly about the Members the Club is about.

I will merge this topic in about a week with the main rules thread, just so this one will get read.

Thank you and good day, Khaos



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