IRC Channel for PHF was made.

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IRC Channel for PHF was made.

Post by KhaosKnight on Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:59 pm

I took the liberty of making our little forum its own IRC channel. For those of you who have an IRC client are welcome to go and hang out there and chat with whoever is on. To use this said Channel you must have an IRC client(ie. mIRC, X-Chat, or Chatzilla, ect.) there are many client available for you to choose from, those are just the top rated. For others search your good friend and mine...Mr. Google.

The address to the channel is #PHF on

For more simpler terms just type:


And after it logs you on the network type:

/join #PHF

Then you should be in the channel. But, for those of you who dont feel like doing that just click "IRC" on the NavBar at the top of the forum to open it in your IRC Client.

Remember peoples this is not the permanent IRC channel. We hope to find a different server(the one we use PC also uses, so if you are logged on at the PC IRC chat, when you change your nicks and ect. it changes there as well.) So it could change anytime, but the NavBar link will always be updated.

Thank you and good day, Khaos



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