General Rules For the Bonfire

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General Rules For the Bonfire

Post by .Luna on Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:33 pm

Please remember to read the all around forum rules also. Disobeying any of these rules could result anywhere from a 1-20 point warning, or a ban. It just depends on which rule you break, no questions asked. If you have only been here a week or less, if you break a minor rule, you will not get any points.

Battle Rules

1.You are allowed to request a fight in the "Want to battle?" Sticky only so there wont be as much clutter.
2. The only battle threads you are allowed to open are "Challenge" threads or question threads.
3. Like said, the rest of the rules are in the rules and FAQ forum.

Trade Rules

1. If you are only wanting to trade 1-3 things, you are ONLY allowed to post it in the small trades thread.
2. Trade threads are allowed.
3.Breeding threads are allowed.
4. Question threads are allowed.
5. Like said, the rest of the rules are in the rules and FAQ forum.

Questions May be posted here about any of the rules. If this thread is locked,it WILL be re-opened.

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