New Users/Welcome Thread Rules.

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New Users/Welcome Thread Rules.

Post by Forgotten on Sun Aug 03, 2008 7:27 pm

Newcomers may make threads stating that they are new.
U may post saying "Hi" or "Welcome or whatever.
It may be as long as you want your post to be.
You may post in any one of the threads, but only once.
Unless you are the creator.

Only the creator of the thread can post more than once.
No flaming, bashing, spamming, inappropriate language, etc.
If you posted in the leaving thread, and said you will be back after a short while, you may make a thread stating you are back.
You may not make a thread stating you are new if you have 2 accounts.

If any other member that didn't make the thread they posted more than once, you will have your reputation lowered and you will be booted out for 1 day. When you are allowed back, and continue to do this, you will be booted out for 5 days. When you are allowed back here again, and still continue to do this, you will be booted out for good.
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