Role Play rules (all roleplay-read before posting!!)

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Role Play rules (all roleplay-read before posting!!)

Post by .Luna on Mon Aug 04, 2008 3:28 pm

Role plays (RP's) or Role play Games (RPGs) are frankly like stories. You control your character in 3rd person or as that person. Here are the rules to RPGing

1. No Bunning or god-modding someone elses character! You may only control your character you made!

2. Don't make a copy of someone else's RPG! If it is un-active for a month, you make make a similar copy of it.

3. Threads that haven't been posted in with in a month will be closed.

4. You must my premession to make a RP before you make it. Otherwise it will be closed.

5.You must have a plot. It has to be a paragraph long.

6. You may not comment if you are not in the RPG. Not even people in the RPG unless they put "Occ:" then "Icc:" if they are back in character.

7. You must have a character sign-up sheet. You must include- Name, History(or Biography), Looks, and age at least for your RP to be accepted.

8. Long running RPGs (that are 10 pages are more) can NOT accept new members.

9. When you open a RPG, you can only allow one member to have 5 characters. You can make it less, but 5 is the maximum overall.

10. This is one of the most important rules! You cant go like " *Does _____*". Rps, are, like said, a story. Please try use proper English, grammar, and punctuation.

11. Do NOT make your character perfect. (its not really a rule, but its VERY recommended!) Whats the fun of that? Plus, people sometimes get really angry when people do this.

Any questions? Pm me.

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