User Ranks and Point system

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User Ranks and Point system

Post by .Luna on Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:00 am

Ok, we all know there are ranks depending on how many posts you make or if you have a job. I will be pleased to inform you of the new ranks. The ones that are highlighted in red are special groups. The ones that are the default forums colors are the normal ranks that you earn through posts. DO NOT ASK FOR POINTS.

Site Admins
Assistant Admins
Super Moderators


Newbie=0 posts
School Kid Hacker=20 posts
Pokehacker=50 posts
Good Hacker=100 posts
Spam-Alot=200 posts
.::King Of The Posters::.=500 posts


Now on to the point system-

The "point system", or reputation, is a reward system for good behavior, etc., Mod are not allowed to give points for no reason. No exceptions. One you reach 999 points, you will get a surprise of your choice(Don't worry, its not some crappy, lame thing!)!

Here are some of the things you can get points for-

Stuck up for someone
Make a contribute that was good/was made into a sticky or announcement!
Being nice to a new person
Didin't spam/flame/ get a warning or banned,etc., for 2 weeks
Made a graphic contribute for the forums.

and many other things.


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