Help Workshop #2: The Map Help Thread

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Help Workshop #2: The Map Help Thread

Post by KhaosKnight on Wed Aug 06, 2008 1:32 pm

This is where you post your map errors that you cant seem to figure out. (SCRIPTS GO IN THE SCRIPT HELP THREAD). When asking for help be sure to post a map so we can help you better. Just follow the rules and everyone will get what they came here for.

The Rules are Simple:

1: Global Pokehacker Rules
2: Try to post a map if you want the best help.
3: Exessive spaming will result in Rep and Warning points to be altered, further rule breakage will result in ban.

By Seth:
For those of you that do not know how to post an image, you may do as follows:
Step 1: Upload the image at Photobucket, or ImageShack.
Step 2: Copy the IMG code that Photobucket or Imageshack gives you for that image.
Step 3: Paste it where you want to post it.
Step 4: If you did it correctly, you will see not that code, but the image.
Step 5: If you do not want to have to use those web sites, our own forum can host images too. Just click on the picture with a disk in it and follow the onscreen instructions.



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