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>:The Great Alliace:< V.1

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>:The Great Alliace:< V.1 Empty >:The Great Alliace:< V.1

Post by God of War on Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:03 am

V.1 is started!

[wow]Welcome to the Great Alliance[/wow]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Thread Index
~ Member lists and forms
~ Rules and other boring stuff... YOU MUST READ!!
~ War and other fun stuff
~ Hall of fame and the ban list
~ Draco Emporium Membership needed to shop
~ Banners
~ Clan Links (And DA Branches)
(Frequently Asked Questions)
Your Clan's name is The Great Alliance. Does that mean that I must use all-Great Pokémon? Or is it just the name?
Don't worry about that. It's only the name. There are no restrictions or rules as to the usage of specific Pokémon.

Do I have to be an expert battler?
No, come to the Great Alliance, and we’ll MAKE you a better battler.

I see members spam a lot. Why don’t you get mad at them?
Well, as long as it’s organized spam, I’m OK with it. You’ll see what I mean.

Do I have to have EV trained Pokemon?
Though, I’d like every member to know how to EV train, it doesn’t matter. We’ll teach you.

I don't have Wi-Fi, nor a DS. Do you guys do Shoddy Battles?
Of course. There are plenty of members with a Shoddy accout, so if you can't use Wi-Fi, go ahead and battle us on Shoddy.

Dragon Warriors of the Clan

God of War
I.God of War
(Master of clan, does most things, from trying people out, to declaring war, to kicking bad little dragons out. HONOR THE MASTER!!)

Gods of Training
(Alpha of clan, just like the Royal Master, but cannot declare wars, and can only suggest to kick someone out. Respect them!)

Gods of Attack

(Elite of the clan, can tryout new members, but that’s it.)

Gods of Defense
(Next in rank, at least one will be in every war.)

Gods of Offense
I. .Luna

(Blood of the clan. Enjoys benefits, with little power.)

Gods of Life

(New recruits, not entirely dragons yet, but getting there. you may battle a wyvren or higher to get promoted but only if you win or show exceptional ability.)

Gods of Earth
(Members that are already part of the Great Alliance, but have not been given a Ranking, either by Me, or the Gods of Training of Attack. This is only temporary 'cause most of the time, new members will be tested to determine their Rankings.)


Tryout Form
GN or TN (Game name or Trainer Name):
FC (Please write it down, don't make me look in your sig):
Shoddy Name (N/A if none):
Reason for joining (A brief explanation):
MSN or Skype Address (If it's kinda private, just PM it.):
Other ways you can contribute to the Great Alliance (Banner Making, Cloning, Breeding, Training, Access to Action Replay, etc. Specify!):
Anything else you wanna say (ANYTHING [non-offensive] at all!):


Great Code
These are the fine rules of our fine cave. I expect every one of these rules to be followed. You break one, you get a warning. Break another, and you’re out.
..: General Rules :..
I. Follow all rules!!
II. Loyalty comes first!!
III. Only one clan at a time!!
IV. Don’t spam (Too much)!!
V. Respect one another!!
VI. Leave the sailor mouth at home!!
VII. Don’t get cocky!!
IIX. To make sure you read the rules, on the tryout form, put "The Great God of War is the master of cows, chicken, burritos, and lawn mowers" under "Anything else you wanna say"!!

..: Posting Rules :..
I. Once again, no swearing.
II. When posting Pokemon from yours, or another’s team, make sure to sensor it out.
Metagross = Bad
M******** = Good
Metagross = Good
III. Use moderately good grammer.
IV. Be respectful.
V. Follow all PHF's rules.

..:Battling Rules:..
I. Be a good sport.
II. Use either Shoddy or Wi-fi battles.
III. No hacking Pokemon on Wi-fi (There are exceptions to the kinds of hacking allowed).
IV. All Pokemon need to be Lv.100 or Lv.50
V. Follow the following Clauses:
Sleep Clause- Only 1 Pokémon can be put to Sleep by the Opponent's Pokémon
Double Team Clause - Said move can't be used.
OHKO Clause- These kind of moves can't be used.
Hax Clause- Lucky Moves and Items can't be used.
+ Species Clause - No 3 of the same Pokémon
Ubers - Said Tier of Pokémon can't be used. (This is only applied to Tryout Battles. In the future, you may challenge someone to an Uber battle; that's allowed).

..:War Rules:..
I. Never smack talk.
II. All will play fair.
III. All must agree to go to war with a certain clan.
IV. All battling rules will be followed.
V. Follow all PHF's rules.


Great Alliance Vs. (NONE at the Time, when another clan is started, we will begin wars)


.Luna vs God of War. If GoW wins: A free Pokemon from .Luna. If .Luna wins: Upgrade

War Record:
Win- Draw- Loss
0 - 0 - 0

Clan hall of fame:
(Where ordinary members who did extraordinary things get recognized. RESPECT THEM!!)

World King's Lugia (of PokeCommunity): Thread Layout
God of War: Master of the Draco Alliance

Ban Hammer List
(These are members of the alliance, or outsiders that did naughty things. They are now in exile, until they receive a pardon from one of the Gods of Training. (which is unlikely)


Great Emporuim
Note: Only Great Alliance members are able to shop here. Please no requesting if you are from another clan.

These are all MY Pokemom, so you must wait until I am on Wi-Fi.

Da rules:
This shop runs on points. There are several ways to get said points.
New Rule: You have to notify me if you want points. I'm not psychic.
1 Point for losing a battle, HAS to be clan related (Facing someone in this clan, or another clan member in war)
2 Points for beating someone in this clan. No lying!! We will ask the other member who won.
5 Points for beating someone in a war battle.
10 Points for joining! Can only get these once.
3 Points for making a banner.
5 points for donating to the Great Emporium!

Our Stocks!:
None yet, I downloaded all my Pokemon onto the Pokemon Ranch, so I have to take them all back and put them up for trade.

God of War: 10


..:Clan Links:..
Ev Training Guide : http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/925602/48969
IV Guide : http://serebii.net/games/ivs.shtml
IV Calculator : http://serebii.net/games/iv-calcdp.shtml
Hidden Power Calculator : http://www.metalkid.info/Pokemon/OnlineProgram/Calculators/HiddenPower.aspx
Stat Calculator : http://www.metalkid.info/Pokemon/OnlineProgram/Calculators/Stat.aspx
Pokemon Natures : http://serebii.net/pokemon_advance/personality.shtml
Abbilities : http://www.metalkid.info/Pokemon/OnlineProgram/Search/AbilitiesDP.aspx
Pokemon Natures : http://serebii.net/pokemon_advance/personality.shtml
Move Guide : http://www.metalkid.info/Pokemon/OnlineProgram/Search/MovesDP.aspx

Great Alliance Branches

Currently, we only have the Light Green branch which is located here. We hope to get more as this progresses.

World King's Battle Page

In case you would like to challenge me, and you're not a Member of the Great Alliance (and don't wanna be) or to simply review my Battle Rules, you can look and/or leave a challenge post in the Small Battles thread, where I will always be looking. I'm seriously looking forward to battling a lot of you!

Thank you for your time!
~The Great God of War~

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>:The Great Alliace:< V.1 Empty Re: >:The Great Alliace:< V.1

Post by .Luna on Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:37 pm

Count me in XD.


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