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Fan Club Permission Thread.

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Fan Club Permission Thread. Empty Fan Club Permission Thread.

Post by Forgotten on Tue Aug 05, 2008 10:30 pm

If you ask permission, the person you're making a fan club for, must come here and say: "I gave _______ permission to make me a Fan Club.

You must say it exactly like that, if you don't, your post will be edited, that's all.
Not much harm done.

•The board rules(FAQ).
•The board rules(Rules, Questions, Feedback).
•No bashing, spamming, flaming, inappropriate language, etc.

If you do rule number three, your reputation will be lowered, and you will be givin a 5 point warning. Do it again, booted out for 2 days, Again, 6 days. 1 more time, booted out for good.

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