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Scrapheap rules.

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Scrapheap rules. Empty Scrapheap rules.

Post by Forgotten Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:46 am

This forum is for upcoming ideas for any hacks you want to make.

You MUST post the Rom your hacking, a story, and features. You don't need to put up screen shots right away.

To get your hack moved to the showcase, you must have 5 or more screenshots. When you do, PM a moderator and we will think about it, and hopefully move it.

No tutorials of any kind can be posted here. Those belong in the tutorial section.

No threads asking for help, and ABSOLUTELY no spamming.

You may also post a Help thread for a popular hack. (As in, if someone has a question about how to do something in the game.)

You are allowed to post walkthroughs for a hack that has at least 3 or more betas.
Anyways, happy hacking~


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