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The Rules Of Moderating.

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The Rules Of Moderating. Empty The Rules Of Moderating.

Post by .Luna on Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:31 am

Yes, there are rules for this forum. They are basic, and if not followed, can result in a (up to a 7 day)ban. DO NOT APPLY FOR MODERATION HERE! These are just the rules. When you apply to be a moderator, Seth, Wind, and myself will discuss privately if we should accept, or decline. Its a 50% chance you will be getting in, so keep your hopes up decently high. You could get the results from applying anywhere from one day, to one month. But we will most likely get back to you with in an advradge of a week. Your records are always with us if you were declined. If it has been 2 weeks after you have been declined, you may ask us on our application thread to have another appointment to become a moderator.

1.Basic Pokehacker Rules
2. Don't randomly ask to be a mod. You will NEVER be accepted for any special rank.
3. Please use proper grammar and spelling. This will become a job. We want to see nice fill-out forums, not "hey, yesh, im ______ and I wat 2 b a mod cuz itz realy fun!1!!!)".
4. And basic common sense Smile

By Seth:
Here are some more rules. And requirements!

To become a moderator, you must meet these requirements.

1. You must be a member for over 2 weeks (sorry, will update to month when we get enough members that have reached a month in time.). (IMPORTAINT!:Requirements #One and #two don't apply to people we know already because we can trust you.)
2. You must have at or over 100 posts
3. You must behave respectfully towards other members.
4. You must not have recieved a warning rating of at or over 10%

If you are a Mod, you must follow these rules.

1. You must be kind towards other members.
2. If someone does something wrong, tell an Admin
3. If someone reaches a Warning percentage of 100%, you may ban them.
4. If someone insults you, feel free to report.
5. If you do not abide by these rules, you're status as a Moderator will be taken away.

Later on, if you become a moderator, and its been a while, you could be promoted if you prove yourself to follow the rules and do you job correctly!

The best of luck, I hope all of you make it!

If you read the rules for this, when you apply, please put "I ate a taco" after you have filled out your form.
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